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Tabletop Labyrinth is a mix of Roguelike and Card game, where your goal is to find a key and get out of the dungeon. Plan your moves, use movement points wisely, but most importantly.. do not die.

Explore, Loot, Survive

Do not get distracted, one wrong step and you're out. Explore the labyrinth and face a real hunger game. Mobs will sometimes drop you a portion of food, and it's worth checking corners in labyrinth to refill your supplies.

Build your custom deck

After each session you'll earn some points to spend in the card shop. In there, you have a fair choice of booster packs. Said boosters grant you 5 cards, where one is guaranted rare card.

Strategy Card Roguelike

You start with five cards on your hand. Feel free to swap these you think aren't useful at the moment. All of them cost Action Points. Once you have them in hand, it's up to you how you're gonna play them. Also don't forget that you can only have 9 cards in hand at one time. Trying to loot with full hand will result in wasted loot.

Movement points

This is most important stat after health and food. On first turn you have whole ten points to spend, after that you'll only get 5 points per turn. Movement points can be used to navigate around the map.

Action Points

This is your energy pool. Every turn you'll get 5 Action Points to spend on your cards. Use it wisely, or you could get into a trouble!

Condition Damage

Burn, inflict bleeding and stun enemies. Perfect combos will always save you from a bad situation. Plan your movements, do not throw random cards around, you might need these in a minute or two.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Card Game, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsDungeon Crawler, Exploration, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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TabletopLabyrinth BETA v0.9.8 - Mac (outdated) 38 MB
TabletopLabyrinth BETA v0.9.13 - Linux 18 MB
TabletopLabyrinth BETA v0.9.13 - Windows 15 MB

Download demo

TabletopLabyrinth PRE-BETA v0.1.11 - Windows 24 MB
TabletopLabyrinth PRE-BETA v0.1.11 - Mac 35 MB
TabletopLabyrinth PRE-BETA v0.1.11 - Linux 25 MB

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This was fun! The game has a good core and I look forward to seeing what else you build onto it. I do enjoy building and trying out new cards in the deck. I feel like the tick of hunger every two turns works well and keeps a challenge without making it impossible.

Also, since we only have the three movement points on each turn after the first turn, could we choose to instead save any that we don't use to add to the next turn?

I'm curious - would it be possible to use Action Points to draw cards in the future? In the first couple of playthroughs (before I unlocked more cards), I kept going several turns without using Action Points at all. 

There were also a couple bugs I figure you'd want to know about: 

(Windows 10, TTL v9.8.0)

I was able to move down through a wall at one point. I took a screenshot of the wall in question but I'm afraid didn't think to get a full-screen shot at the time for more context. 

I also found what another player called the "Abyss." It may or may not be relevant to the issue, but I did use a Map card nearby at the bottom of the gameboard/map itself. I hope that helps further bug tracking/insight.

I look forward to seeing what you do next!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you like the game! <3

About the Abyss bug:

I have found the reason of moving through a wall, it seems that i did not check if you get out of bounds of the map, and then everything falls apart. Fix is comming for that :)

Also it happens when a room generates at the border of the map. I will need to look into that.

Empty deck:

I am working now on a discard pile that saves all the cards you used in current game session. When the deck goes empty, you'll shuffle your discard pile and use it as your deck.

Action Points:

Action point ballancing will come soon, i need to gather more feedback regarding the cards. For example, if i should bump every card cost by 1, so every card costs at least one point (except AP recovery cards). They are more revelant at the later stages of the game right now.

Movement points: 

At start of each turn you'll roll a D10 dice, this will determine your movement points.


thank you for your game, i hope you get more happier in the future

Good game...

I really like this so far.  The presentation and play loop is spot on and is quite fun.  

For feedback, I feel 3 movement points a turn is very restrictive, especially with how fast your hunger runs out. Having non-combat cards that cost 3 or 4 points feels tough to ever find a good chance to use them. 

And I just can't seem to find enough meat and starve to death almost every time.

But seriously, this is really fun and I look forward to seeing it develop.


This game is amazing! After only 10 days of development, you've made astonishing progress and I can't wait to see the final product, as well as your future projects! The core gameplay loop is quite enjoyable :)

One thing I'd maybe recommend is allowing the player to hold onto one or two more cards? Maybe not normally, but perhaps with an upgrade of some sort?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I will consider that with an upcoming unlock shop :D i plan on adding gold loot from mobs and chests that will be game bound and not session bound. Also achievement points will be a currency aswell :)


Awesome! That's got a lot of potential :o


Very cool! I'm very much so looking forward to seeing the rest of the game when it's finished!

tried it. love this idea. (i was working on same stuff but got into a deadlock).

Since i didn't find any exit or endgame treasure all my runs 'cause i starved to death each time, I presumed there's none.

Here's what i think.

  1. Lower some foes HP, or increase some card damage. Some enemies just ATE all my cards and still manage to survived 2 turns and they left no loot. It's unclear either card not working or just because foes were that tough.

  2. Let player able to discard cards for movement points.
    I once had 2 cards require 4 points and a few require 3, 2 points in my hand and that's not a fun run.
    When getting food is top priority, defense or high cost utility cards were basically useless. If they could treat as movement points, players could play more freely, and maybe sometimes discard decent cards cause they need to run away.
  3. A map please? got lost in 5 mins lol.

  4. i fell into the Abyss and cannot get out.
    (turn won't end, game just stuck except exit button)
    maybe add a seed number later to debug faster?


Thank you for your feedback!

  1. Mobs will have health indicator soon, i also plan to add their weaknesses, so crabs will for example be more vulnerable to fire damage.
  2. I plan on making card discard (sell?) mechanic, but i haven't yet decided on how it should look like. 
  3. About hunger - i already nerfed the starvation to 1 tick per 2 turns.
  4. I plan on allowing to freely move camera around, maybe next patch.
  5. "Abyss" as you called it is a glitch that occurs only on rooms touching map boundaries. It is still a subject to debug and fix (don't generate rooms that touch map bounds).

If you have any more feedback feel free to leave another comment and/or join discord! :)

Thank you again, and have a good day! <3


love it <3